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Keithley 192 Multímetro digital
Modelo: 192
Fecha: 1982
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Multímetro digital
Descripción: Programmable DMM
                                    The Model 192 is a 6’h digit, 2,000,OOO count, fast
autoranging DMM. With the IEEE-468 interface option
(Model 1923). the Model 192 becomes fully programmable.
DC Volts and Ohms functions are standard. Measurements
of l&V to 12OOV are attainable on 5 voltage ranges, and
Z-and 4-terminal messurements of 1mD to ZOMR are attainable
on 6 resistance ranges. With the addition of the
Model 1910 AC Voltage Option, the Model 192 will provide
readings from 1OrV to 1OOOVAC on 4 ranges. True Root
Mean Square ITRMS) AC voltages can also be attained with
the use of the Model 1920 TRMS ACV Option. Because the
Models 1910, 1920, and 1923 are easily field installed, these
options can be added at any time.
The Model 192 includes the following features:
Front Panel Programs-The internal programs in the
Model 192 are accessible from the front panel. Descriptions
of these programs can be found in the detailed specifications
which precede this Section and in Section 5.
Data Storage- Registers for storing 100 readings are provided
in the basic Model 192. These storage registers are
utilized by Front Panel Program 7. Data Logger (see
Section 51.
Multiple Inputs-Multiple inputs provide access to DCV.
ACV, and Ohms terminals simultaneously. This enables
systems designers to optimize their switching matricies
for the parameter being measured. In addition, in some
simple systems, switching can be eliminated altogether.
For systems that require only one input, the Model 1924
Rear Panel Input Adapter is available as an option.
One Button Zero-The front panel zero is activated by
pushing one button. The zero offset is automatically scaled
when a new range is selected. Unique offset settings
are saved for each function.

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This instruction manual contains complete operating instructions
for the Keithley Model 192. Detailed descriptions
of the available options for the Model 192 are provided
lseperate instruction manuals are supplied with the Model
1920 and Model 19231, along with a theory of operation,
calibration and service instructions for maintaining the instrument.
A complete parts list with schematics and component
layouts is also provided at the end of this manual.

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