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Tektronix 7L12 Osciloscopio
Modelo: 7L12
Fecha: 1972
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Osciloscopio
Descripción: Spectrum Analyzer plug-in
                                    The 7 L12 Spectrum Analyzer is a dual-width plug-in
unit, for the 7000-Series Oscilloscopes . When used with any
of these oscilloscopes, it displays a spectrum of signal
energy with in any frequency span to 1.8 GHz. The unit
contains horizontal sweep and timing circuits, for frequency
and time domain displays, and also means by which
an external sweep source can be applied to slave the 71_12
to external devices, such as a recorder.

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Tektronix -- 7L12 -- Servicio y Manual del usuario
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Número de identificación: 070-1298-01
Fecha: julio 1972
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