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Fluke 1912A Contador de frecuencia
Modelo: 1912A
Fecha: 1977
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Contador de frecuencia
Descripción: Multi-Counter
                                    These rugged counters are at home on the production line, in the lab, or in the field and do the work of counters costing much more. They measure frequencies to 125 MHz, 250 MHz or 520 MHz (depending on model), period of signals to 2 MHz, period average to 10 ps resolution and totalize to 9,999,999 counts. Autorange Full autoranging is supplemented by selectable four-range manual operation. In autorange, the display is automatically filled to a maximum 7-digit readout. A unique hysteresis capability eliminates undesirable up-and-down ranging for between-range signals. Autoreset This automatic feature is activated every time you select a new range orfunction, which means you never have to wait for a second reading, the first one in the new measurement sequence is always correct. Autoreset saves time and reduces errors. Automatic Clean Dropout The 1911A and 1912A Channel B input has a circuit which automatically monitors the input and gives you instant warning in the form of zero readout whenever your input signal falls below the sensitivity threshold of the trigger circuit. When the signal level returns to an acceptable level, the counter locks on for a correct reading. Sensitivity A basic sensitivity of 15 mV, backed by Fluke’s conservative design margin, guarantees you will get reliable, solid readings every time. In practice, a typical sensitivity of 10 mV will be experienced. Versatile Time Bases The standard 0.5 ppm per month timebase assures excellent long term stability for bench, production or field use. A convenient rear panel external timebase input jack and switch let you operate from your own 10 MHz frequency standard at any time. Choice of optional time bases with improved aging rates and temperature stabilities allows you to purchase only as much stability as you’ll need in your applications. Input Signal Conditioning Each counter offers trigger level and attenuator controls which operate over the dynamic range of the input to permit accurate readings in the presence of noise. Even ringing TTL signals can be accurately measured. In addition, the 1911A offers a separate 50 ohm input for 50 MHz to 250 MHz and the 1912A does the same but goes to 520 MHz. Battery Portability All three counters are available with rechargeable batteries for field portability. Order 1910A -01,1911A-01, or 1912-01. Four hours minimum operation gives you plenty of opportunity to solve those tough field service problems

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Fluke -- 1912A -- Manual del usuario, Diagrama cirquit
Nombre de archivo:: Fluke-1431-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Tipo de Manual:: Manual del usuario, Diagrama cirquit
Páginas:: 130
Tamaño:: 4.80 Mbytes (5028696 Bytes)
Idioma: Inglés
Revisión: 1 2/79
Número de identificación: 467746
Fecha: septiembre 1977
Calidad: Documento Scaned, todo legible.
Añadir fecha:
MD5: bee6ced69acf87eef54dbb1fc019a3be
Descargas: 1334 desde 19 febrero 2009
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Fluke -- 1912A -- Hoja de datos
Nombre de archivo:: Fluke-7630-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Tipo de Manual:: Hoja de datos
Páginas:: 2
Tamaño:: 301.43 Kbytes (308661 Bytes)
Idioma: Inglés
Número de identificación:
Fecha: 1990
Calidad: Documento Scaneds, en parte leyendo mal, no parcialmente legible.
Añadir fecha:
MD5: 8fe721a4306641735f88fd786be0f3f8
Descargas: 204 desde 28 enero 2016
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