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Orban 642B/SPX Igualada
Modelo: 642B/SPX
Fecha: 1989
Categoría: Equipo de música profesional
Grupo: Igualada
Descripción: Parametric Equalizer/Notch Filter
                                    The Orban 642B Parametric Equalizer/Notch Filter is an
efficient and powerful tool for a wide range of creative and
corrective equalization applications.

•	Full parametric operation with no interaction between

•	True infinite-depth notch filtering (made possible by the
642B’s constant-Q design).

•	Each band is continuously tunable over a frequency range
exceeding 20:1.

•	Tuning ranges of bands overlap significantly to maximize

•	Verniers on the FREQUENCY controls facilitate fast,
precise tuning of sharp notches.

•	+16dB boost to infinite cut (~45dB typical) available in
each band.

•	Bandwidth can be varied from a broad (Q = 0.29) curve to a
sharp (Q = 5.0) curve.

•	Dual 4-band or mono 8-band configuration can be selected
with the front-panel cascade button.

•	Continuously tunable 18dB/octave high-pass filters and
12dB/octave proprietary Automatic Sliding Besselworth™
low-pass filters provide full flexibility while retaining
maximum musicality.

•	Noise and distortion specs are significantly better than
16-bit digital.

•	Input signal gain can be adjusted throughout a range of
+14dB to -©o.

•	overload lamps warn of overload when the output of any
internal amplifier is within 1dB of its clipping level.
•	Extensive RF suppression on input, output, and power leads.

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Orban -- 642B/SPX -- Servicio y Manual del usuario
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Idioma: Inglés
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1-1    Section 1: Introduction

Orban's 642B Parametric Equalizer/Notch Filter Registration,
Warranty, Feedback

2-1	Section 2: Installation

Installation and Set-up

3-1	Section 3: Operation

642B Controls and Displays Using the 642B - General
Considerations Using the 642B in Specific Applications
Logging Control Settings

4-1	Section 4: Maintenance

Routine Maintenance Getting Inside the Chassis Performance
Evaluation, Alignment

5-1 Section 5: Troubleshooting

Problems and Possible Causes Technical Support Factory
Service Shipping Instructions

6-1 Section 6: Technical Data

Specifications Circuit Description Parts List

Schematics, Assembly Drawings Abbreviations
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