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Granville-Phillips Co. Series 270 Control Unit
Granville-Phillips Co.
Modelo: Series 270
Fecha: 1988
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Control Unit
Descripción: Ionization Gauge Controller
                                    The 270 ionization gauge controller is a precision
instrument designed to indicate vacuum pressures from I Torr
to I0"8 Torr, I mbar to I0'8 mbar, or 100 Pascal to 10“®
Pascal, air equivalent. The basic unit is comprised of a
power supply, electrometer, emission controller, and ion
gauge meter. Dual thermocouple gauge capability and process
controls on the ion gauge and thermocouple gauges are
included on some models. Recorder outputs provide capability
for remote indication as well as continuous monitoring.

In the basic controller the 270 will display pressure data
in five linear decades, 10"^ to 10 '8 Torr. The range of
readable data is from 0.3 x 10“® to 12 x IO“4Torr. The
controller is designed to utilize a Bayard-Alpert type
transducer with sensitivity ranging from 10/Torr to 25/Torr.
The unit is shipped pre-adjusted for directly indicating
pressure of a gauge having a sensitivity of 10/Torr,
corresponding to an emission current of 2 mAdc.


Degas is provided by conventional resistive ( I R) heating
of the grid surfaces with a nominal 80 watts of power. Ion
gauge pressure measurements are not possible during degas.

Ion gauge process controls, when included, provide two
independent set points which operate individual SPDT relay
contacts. Set point adjustment over the entire measurement
range is by means of recessed front panel controls.
Interlocks are provided to allow operation only during
autorange operation when the filament is on and the gauge
has had sufficient time to stabilize.

The thermocouple section is comprised of two independent
measuring circuits and, when included, extend the
measurement range of the controller to I Torr or I mbar.
Indication is provided by two life inch taut band ruggedized
meters. Recorder outputs are also provided for each of the
thermocouple circuits. The thermocouple circuitry is
designed to operate with Granville-Phillips 270006 or
comparable transducers.

Thermocouple process controls, when included, provide an
individual SPDT relay contact set point for each
thermocouple gauge. Set point adjustment over the
thermocouple's measurement range is adjustable by means of
recessed front panel controls. The controller is wired such
that the set point for thermocouple No. 2 can be used to
switch the ion gauge filament on and off, thus allowing
fully automatic operation.

All Series 270 controllers come with an automatic ranging
feature which can be defeated placing the controller in a
manual ranging mode. Autoranging points are preset to occur
at .95 x I0-X and I 1.7 x I0~ . While in the manual mode the
controller is capable of

_ x	—X

readings from 0.0 x 10 to 12.0 x 10 . Autoranging eliminates
troublesome range changing in a variable system and prevents
unnecessary shutdowns due to momentary pressure bursts. The
manual/auto range function is selected via a front panel switch.

The 270 ion gauge controller provides direct ion gauge
pressure readout in either Torr, mbar or Pascal. The unit of
measure is selectable by means of a jumper plug inside the
controller and appropriate front panel labeling. The
pressure signal is converted and displayed in the desired
format, thus eliminating cumbersome conversion tables or

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