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International Aeradio Limited IA8509 Receiver
International Aeradio Limited
Model: IA8509
Date: 1976
Category: Radio, Communication
Group: Receiver
                                    The Beacon Monitor Receiver Type IA8509 is a crystal controlled, single channel superheterodyne receiver designed to monitor aeronautical navigation transmissions.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

International Aeradio Limited -- IA8509 -- Service Manual
File name: InternationalAeradio-378-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Manual Type: Service Manual
Pages: 47
Size: 4.03 Mbytes (4230916 Bytes)
Language: english
Revision: Issue 1
Manual-ID/Number: TH664
Date: January 1976
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
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MD5: aa2c6a5c60fd77256c686c137890f57c
Downloads: 534 since 21 February 2008
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