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Hewlett Packard 1652B Logic Analyzer
Hewlett Packard
Model: 1652B
Date: 1990
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Logic Analyzer
                                    The HP 1652B and HP 1653B logic analyzers are
general-purpose logic analyzers with built-in oscilloscopes.
If you’re familiar with the HP 1652B/HP 1653B or any HP
digitizing oscilloscope, you’ll recognize many features that
you’ve grown to know and love. If you’re new to our
analyzers and oscilloscopes, the HP 1652B/HP 1653B is easy
to get to know.

The only differences between the HP 1653B and the HP 1652B,
are the number of data channels and the speed of the state
analyzer. The HP 1652B has 80 data channels and 35 MHz state
analysis while the HP 1653B has 32 data channels and 25 MHz
state analysis. Both analyzers have 100 MHz timing analysis
along with 100 MHz single-shot and repetitive (repetitive
single-shot) oscilloscope measurement capabilities. Because
the differences are small between both instruments, they use
the same set of manuals.

Some of the key features shared by both the HP 1652B and HP
1653B are listed below:

•	Transitional or glitch timing mode on all channels.

•	Simultaneous state/state or state/timing modes.

•	Glitch detection on all channels.

•	Marker measurements.

•	Timing and Scope Autoscale.

•	Scope Automeasure.

•	Pattern, edge, and glitch triggering.

•	Overlapping of waveforms.

•	Small lightweight probing.

•	Time and number of states tagging.

•	State Compare, Waveform, and Chart.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type: User Manual HewlettPackard-4950-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 725
Size: 64.45 Mbytes (67584571 Bytes)
Language: english
Manual-ID/Number: 5952-0176
Date: January 1990
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date:
MD5: c69afce1c58b1d60f1c9659d5f53484a
Downloads: 744 since 01 December 2013
Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Hewlett-Packard logic analyzers. The HP 1652B and
HP 1653B Logic Analyzers are more than just another logic
analyzer. They are an analyzer and oscilloscope in one
instrument. With this combination, you have expanded
measurement capabilities.

The user interface of the HP 1652B/HP 1653B was designed to
be as easy to operate as possible. The use of "pop up"
windows help lead you through setups and measurements
without having to memorize a lot of steps. As you read this
guide and the other references about the logic analyzer, you
will see just how easy to use the HP 1652B/HP 1653B really is.

We will not cover every feature and function of the HP
1652B/HP 1653B Logic Analyzer in this guide. The purpose of
this Getting Started Guide, is to get you going quickly, by
giving you the basic user interface information along with a
couple measurement examples. The detailed information will
be found in the HP 1652B/HP1653B Front-Panel Operation

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