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Omega Tac 81 Other
Model: Tac 81
Date: 1990
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Other
Description: Thermocouple to Millivolt Converter
                                    The Omega Tac 80/81 can zurn any chart recorder or analog
or digital voltmeter into an accurate, wide-range temperatur
measurement instrument. The TAC80 uses a 9Vdc battery. The
TAC81  is supplied with a 110Vac adapter. It does not work
on batteries.
The TAC80/81 is a universal thermocouple amplifier and
linearizer which provides a prcision 1 mV/C or F signal
for type J, K or T thermocouples. Cold junction
compensation is standard.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Omega -- Tac 81 -- User Manual
File name: Omega-4678-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Manual Type: User Manual
Pages: 13
Size: 571.77 Kbytes (585497 Bytes)
Language: english
Date: 1990
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
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MD5: cc2291f0361d4161e87ed0218a6ea2d0
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