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Advance Instruments J2/NA Generator
Advance Instruments
Model: J2/NA
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Generator
Description: Low Frequency Signal Generator
                                    The type J Signal Generators provide 1 watt output into 600
ohms, isolated from earth, over a frequency range of 15 c/s
to 50 kc/s. A 5 ohm source is also provided giving a maximum
output of not less than J watt. The instrument contains a
resistance-capacitance bridge oscillator feeding via a
buffer valve into an output stage. The stabilization of the
oscillator and the feed-back on the output stage provide a
constancy of output with varying frequency of ±1 db, with
distortion at full power output more than 34 db down on
fundamental (less than 2%). On the J1 the output is
controlled by a calibrated potentiometer. The output voltage
of the J2 is directly monitored by a first grade rectifier

The standard models operate from power supplies of 105-125
volts, 210250 volts, A.C. only, 40-100 c/s.

The J1/NA and J2/NA operate from power Supplies of 117 volts
A.C. only, 25-60 c/s.

The J1/E and J2/E operate from power supplies of 110-125
volts, 140-160 volts, and 220 volts A.C. only, 40-100c/s.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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