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IFR 6900 Series Other
Model: 6900 Series
Date: 1998
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Other
Description: RF POWER SENSOR
                                    The 6900 Series of RF Power Sensors is used with 1FR 6960
Series RF Power Meter, the 6970 RF Power Meter, the CPM 20
and CPM 46 Counter Power Meter and the 6200 Series of
Microwave Test Sets. Note, however, that the 6930 Series of
sensors can be used with the 6960A and 6960B RF Power
Meters, but cannot be used with the 6960 RF Power Meter. The
sensors provide the meter with a chopped DC analogue of the
RF power, and collectively they cover a power range from -70
dBm to +44 dBm (0.1 nW to 25 W) at frequencies from 30 kHz
to 46 GHz-
Each sensor has an individual label showing a graph of
'calibration factor', and values of ’50 MHz reference
calibration factor' and 'linearity factor'. The calibration
factor appropriate to the measurement frequency and the
linearity factor may be entered into the instrument to
enhance accuracy. The 6200 Series of Microwave Test Sets
allow entry and storage of all the calibration data supplied
with the sensors.
A 'calibration record' giving linearity factor and
calibration data to two decimal places is also provided with
each sensor.
VSWR and uncertainty values are low' across die entire
frequency range of the sensor.
Each sensor has a multi-way output connector for connection
to the power meter via the sensor cable that is supplied
with the meter. The sensor provides high level signals to
the power meter so that the possibility of significant RF
interference during measurements is negligible. A high
damage level threshold minimizes the possibility of damage
to the RF unit. Damaged units are, however, field
replaceable in most cases (see Chapter 5).
Its small, light, rugged construction allows the sensor to
be used confidently in bench or field applications without
the need for any mechanical support.

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