Moog Music:

Model Date Group Description
Liberation 338A 01 January 1980SynthesizerKeytar Synthesizer
Liberation 338BX 01 January 1980SynthesizerKeytar Synthesizer
Memorymoog 345 01 January 1982SynthesizerProgrammable Polyphonic Synthesizer
Micromoog October 1979Synthesizer
Minimoog 204D Synthesizer
minimoog D 1970Synthesizer
Multimoog October 1979Synthesizer
OPUS 339A 01 January 1981Synthesizer
OPUS 339BX 01 January 1981Synthesizer
Polymoog 203A 01 March 1978Synthesizer
Polypedal 285 01 March 1978Synthesizer
Rogue 342A 01 January 1981Synthesizer
System 12 Synthesizer
System 15 Synthesizer
System 35 Synthesizer
System 55 Synthesizer
System I Synthesizer
System II Synthesizer
System III Synthesizer
Taurus 205A 01 January 1978SynthesizerPedal Synthesizer
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