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Xerox -- Phaser 8400 -- Service Manual
File name: Xerox-1782.pdfXerox-1782-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Manual Type: Service Manual
Pages: 376
Size: 9.90 Mbytes (10382017 Bytes)
Language: english
Revision: First Printing
Manual-ID/Number: 701P27910
Date: January 2007
Quality: Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date:
MD5: 84c390683e90f728a3ffcc7a3a0e1194
ed2kID: 9a076876080cfc6723d4675b4fa680de
Downloads: 4523 since 22 December 2009
Manual Organization
The Phaser 8400/8500/8550/8560 Color Printer Service Manual is the
primary document used for repairing, maintaining, and troubleshooting the
printer. Use this manual as your primary resource for understanding the
operational characteristics of the printer and all available options. This manual
describes specifications, theory, and the diagnosis and repair of problems
occurring in the print engine and attached options. Also included are detailed
replacement procedures, parts lists, and wiring diagrams.
The Phaser 8400/8500/8550/8560 Color Printer Service Manual contains
these sections:
Introductory, Safety, and Regulatory Information: This section contains important
safety information and regulatory requirements.
Section 1 - General Information: This section contains an overview of the
printer’s operation, configuration, specifications, and consumables.
Section 2 - Theory of Operation: This section contains detailed functional
information on print engine components.
Section 3 - Error Codes and Messages: This section provides detailed
troubleshooting procedures for error messages and codes generated by
resident diagnostics.
Section 4 - General Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting discussions cover the
operation of Power On Self Test (POST), Service Diagnostics, In addition, this
section includes troubleshooting methods for situations where no error
indicator is available.
Section 5 - Print-Quality Troubleshooting: This section focuses on techniques to
correct image quality problems associated with printer output.
Section 6 - Adjustments and Calibrations: This section provides procedures for
the adjustment of print engine components.
Section 7 - Cleaning and Maintenance: This section provides periodic cleaning
procedures for the printer.
Section 8 - Service Parts Disassembly: This section contains removal
procedures for spare parts listed in the Parts List. A replacement procedure is
included when necessary.
Section 9 - Parts List: This section contains exploded views of the print engine
and option FRUs, as well as part numbers for orderable parts.
Section 10 - Wiring Diagrams: This section contains the plug/jack locations and
the wiring diagrams for the print engine.
Appendix A - Reference: This section provides an illustration of the printer’s
menu structure, a listing of printer status codes, and a list of Service
Diagnostics tests.
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Equipment information:

Xerox Phaser 8400 Printer

Manufacturer: Xerox
Model: Phaser 8400
Date: 2004
Category: Computer equipment
Group: Printer
Description: Color Printer

Xerox Phaser 8500 Printer

Manufacturer: Xerox
Model: Phaser 8500
Date: 2007
Category: Computer equipment
Group: Printer
Description: Color printer

Xerox Phaser 8550 Printer

Manufacturer: Xerox
Model: Phaser 8550
Date: 2007
Category: Computer equipment
Group: Printer
Description: Color printer

Xerox Phaser 8560 Printer

Manufacturer: Xerox
Model: Phaser 8560
Date: 2007
Category: Computer equipment
Group: Printer
Description: Color printer

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