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This manual provides user information for the TDS 300
Two-Channel Digital
Real-Time Oscilloscopes. The manual contains the following
chapters and

 Getting Started contains a brief product description;
information needed to
power on the oscilloscope, and a brief procedure to verify
that it functions.

 Operating Basics contains user interface, probe, and
autoset information.

 Reference contains task-oriented descriptions of
oscilloscope features. The
features are described in order from most basic to more

 Appendix A: Specifications contains typical, nominal, and
specifications for the oscilloscope.

 Appendix B: Performance Verification contains procedures
you can use to
verify that oscilloscope is operating within warranted

 Appendix C: Options and Accessories describes other
products that are
useful with the oscilloscope.

 Appendix D: General Care and Cleaning describes how to care
for and clean
the oscilloscope.

 Glossary contains a glossary of terms.

 Index contains a full index.

Equipment information

Tektronix TDS 340A Oscilloscope
Model: TDS 340A
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Oscilloscope
Description: Digital Real-Time Oscilloscope
                                    Tektronix TDS 340A, TDS 360, and TDS 380 oscilloscopes are
digital signal processors and are superb tools for
displaying and measuring waveforms. Their performance
addresses the needs of both benchtop lab and portable
applications with the following features:

Two input channels, each with a record length of 1,000
samples and 8-bit vertical resolution. Both channels acquire
waveforms simultaneously.

2 Gigasample/second maximum sample rate (TDS 380); 1
Gigasamples/ second maximum sample rate (TDS 360); 500
Megasamples/second maximum sample rate (TDS 340A).

400 MHz analog bandwidth and fastest time base setting of 1
ns/div (TDS 380); 200 MHz analog bandwidth and fastest time
base setting of 2.5 ns/div (TDS 360); 100 MHz analog
bandwidth and fastest time base setting of 5 ns/div (TDS 340A).

A full complement of advanced functions including on-screen
readout, AUTOSET, cursors, continuously updated automatic
measurements, and FFT.

Waveform averaging, waveform enveloping, and hardware peak

Floppy disk drive for mass storage of waveforms, setups, and
hard copies.

A unique graphical user interface (GUI) and a logical
front-panel layout which combine to deliver the standard in
usability pioneered by the TDS  family of oscilloscopes.