Tektronix -- TDS 410 -- Service Manual
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Equipment information

Tektronix TDS 410 Oscilloscope
Model: TDS 410
Date: 1993
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Oscilloscope
Description: Digitizing Oscilloscope
                                    Tektronix TDS 400 Digitizing Oscilloscopes are portable instruments suitable
for use in a variety of test and measurement applications and systems. Key
features include:
H Four input channels on the TDS 420 and TDS 460 (two input channels on
the TDS 410), each with a record length of 500 to 15,000 points and 8-bit
vertical resolution. (Option 1M extends the maximum record length to
60,000 points.)
H Simultaneous acquisition of waveforms in all channels at the maximum
digitizing rate of 100 Megasamples/second. All channels acquire at the
full analog bandwidth of 150 MHz (TDS 410 and TDS 420) or 350 MHz
(TDS 460) and all have the same features.
H Video triggering capabilities (with Option 5, Video Trigger).
H Full programmability and printer/plotter output.
H Advanced functions, such as continuously updated measurements.
H Specialized display modes, such as infinite and variable persistence.
H A unique graphical user interface (GUI), an on-board help mode, and a
logical front-panel layout which combine to deliver a new standard in
H Advanced waveform math (with Option 2F, Advanced DSP Math). Com-
pute and display the integral of a waveform, the differential of a wave-
form, and the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) of a waveform.