Swan Electronics Corp. -- 240 -- Service and User Manual
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Equipment information

Swan Electronics Corp. 240 Transceiver
Swan Electronics Corp.
Model: 240
Date: 1963
Category: Radio, Communication
Group: Transceiver
Description: Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier Transceiver
                                    The Swan Model 240 is a single sideband, suppressed
carrier transceiver designed specifically for use on
the 20-, 40-, and 75-meter amateur radio bands.
With the transceive operation, the transmitted signal
is automatically tuned to the received frequency.
On the 20-meter band operation is upper sideband,
cn the 40- and 75-meter bands, operation is on lower
sideband. Provisions have been included in the transceiver
for operation on the other sideband, if desired.