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Equipment information

Leader LFG-1300S Generator
Model: LFG-1300S
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Generator
Description: Function Generator
                                    The LFG-1300S is an extremely versatile signal source for
design, development and service applications.
It provides a choice of sine, triangle, sawtooth, square and
pluse signals over the frequency range of 0.002 Hz to 2 MHz.
Voltage control of the frequency of the master oscillator
permits linear or logarithmic sweep using internal
or externally-applied sweep control. In addition, an
internal modulator permits amplitude modulation with the
option of a suppressed-carrier mode. Calibrated control of
the output level is provided, as well as variable dc offset.
A fixed TTL output is also provided.
Figure 1. LFG-1300S Function Generator
1. Wide frequency range, 0.002 Hz to 2 MHz in eight ranges.
2. Choice of output waveform includes sine, triangle,
sawtooth square and pulse signals. In addition, control of
dc offset permits the superimposition of d-c levels on the
output signal.
3. A separate TTL output with a fan-out of 20 permits direct
drive of TTL logic circuits.
4. Low distortion, a THD of 0.5% or less is maintained
throughout the frequency range.
5. Built in swept frequency function provides a choice of
linear or logarithmic sweep with variable sweep width
and rate. A sawtooth for horizontal axis drive to an
oscilloscope is provided.
6. External sweep-control voltage applied at the VCG
connector, permits external control of frequency, sweep, or
frequency modulation of the master oscillator.
7. An internal amplitude modulator permits both AM and
doiible-sideband suppressed-carrier modulation for
communications and instrumentation applications.
8. Step attenuators provide 10, 20, and 40 dB steps for a
total attenuation of 70 dB into a 50 ohm load. An output
control provides continuous control of signal level into the