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Equipment information

Kenwood TS-440S Transceiver
Model: TS-440S
Date: 1983
Category: Radio, Communication
Group: Transceiver
                                    1. Wide dynamic range
New advances in circuit design have made a 102 dB dynamic
range (500 Hz IF bandwidth) possible.
2. General coverage reception from 100 kHz to 30 MHz
In addition to transmission and reception on all amateur
bands from 1.8 to 28 MHz, the TS-440S provides a continuous
tuning general coverage receiver with a range of 100 kHz to
30 MHz.
3. Automatic antenna tuner
The optional, built-in automatic antenna tuner will operate
from 3.5 to 28 MHz.
4. All-mode operation
USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM, and AFSK modes are provided.
5. 100% continuous duty transmit
Transmission at a 100% duty cycle is possible for relatively
long durations (one hour or less) in any mode, including FM
and AFSK.
6. CW full break-in
Full break-in operation is possible in the CW mode. Rapid
transmit/receive switching also makes the radio suitable for
data communications in the SSB mode, such as AMTOR.
7. Build-in XIT
XIT (Transmitter incremental tuning) allows fine tuning of
the transmitter frequency.
8. Switchable IF bandwidth
The IF bandswitch allows you to tailor the receiver
bandwidth to the operating conditions. Several selections
are provided; AUTO, W (Wide), M1 (Medium 1), M2 (Medium 2)
and N (Narrow). When the AUTO position has been selected the
radio will select the optimum bandwidth for the selected
mode of operation.
9. Switchable AGC time constant
A switch is provided to select either FAST or SLOW
AGC action.
10. All mode squelch
11. Built-in RF power/SWR meter
12. Versatile frequency control
• Accurate frequency selection is possible due to the use of
a single reference oscillator circuit.
• Continuous tuning of all frequencies thru the use of
digital VFO technology. The basic 10 Hz step tuning rate is
modified, according to the selected mode, for optimum tuning
speed and accuracy. An automatic fast scan function is also
• Dual, digital VFO's (A/B) enable crossband, cross mode
• 100-channel memory (including 10 odd-split channels)
stores the frequency, band, and mode.
• Memory scan and two programmable scan ranges.
• Direct entry of the desired frequency using the front
panel numeric keypad is also possible.
• A memory scroll function allows review of the memory
channel contents.
• Selection of the desired memory channel Ts possible using
either the TUNING dial or microphone UP/DOWN pushbuttons.
• The T-F SET function is useful for split frequency operation.
• An optional tone unit TU-8 may be used in conjunction with
the odd-split memory channels to allow 10 meter repeater
operations with CTCSS access.
• Optional computer interface.
• Built-in long-life memory back-up battery.
• 2-color fluorescent display tube indicates frequency and
other operational data.
13. Front panel control of the TUNING dial torque is provided.