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Equipment information

Icom IC-45A Transceiver
Model: IC-45A
Category: Radio, Communication
Group: Transceiver
                                    430MHz FM TRANSCEIVER INCORPORATING A MICROCOMPUTER
CPU control with ICOM's original programs provide various
operating capabilities. No-backlash dial controlled by
ICOM's unique rotary encoder circuit. The band-edge detector
and Endless System provides out-of-band protection. There
are no variable capacitors or dial gears, ensuring
problem-free use. The IC-45A/E can accomodate FM, coverage
in the 430 ~ 440MHz (IC-45A: 440 ~ 450MHz) frequency range.
The Memory Scan allows you to monitor five different memory
channels and two VFO frequencies, and the Program Scan
provides scanning between two programmed frequencies. The
scanning speed is adjustable, and the auto-stop terminates
scanning when a signal is received or a channel is empty.
Two separate VFO's can be used independently either for
simplex operation or for duplex operation, and any desired
100KHz steps frequency can be split in duplex operation.
ICOM's new continuous tuning system features an LED display
that follows the tuning knob movement and provides an
extremely accurate readout. Frequencies are displayed in 4
LED digits with a resolution of 5KHz.
Automatic recycling restarts tuning at the top of the band,
i.e., at 439.995MHz when the dial goes below 430.000MHz.
Recycling changes 439.995MHz to 430.000MHz as well. Quick
tuning in 25KHz steps is available with VFO "B", and is also
provided for trouble free QSO (IC-45A : 439.995MHz and
430.000MHz should be read 449.995MHz and 440.000MHz.)
The RF amplifier and the first mixer use high performance
FET's, and with other circuits provide excellent cross
modulation and two-signal selectivity characteristics. The
IC-45A/E has excellent sensitivity, demanded especially for
mobile operation, high stability, and with a pair of high
quality monolithic crystal filters and ceramic filters,
facilitates very stable receiving and excellent durability.
The transmitter uses the VCO signal which is locked at a
half of the transmitting frequency and modulated with the
microphone signals. This signal is doubled, amplified, and
fed through band-pass filters and a high-performance
low-pass filter. These systems provide distortion-free
signals with a minimum spurious radiation level.
The IC-45A/E has everything you need to truely enjoy UHF FM
operation, in an extremely compact, rugged transceiver,
designed to ensure high quality, long term use.