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Equipment information

Hewlett Packard 5328A Frequency counter
Hewlett Packard
Model: 5328A
Date: 1975
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Frequency counter
Description: Universal Counter
                                    The standard 5328A mainframe measures frequency, period,
period average, time interval, time interval average,
and ratio. A totalize function is also provided. The
capabilities of the instrument are expanded (as shown
in Table 1-3) by installing the options described in
paragraph 1-17. The 5328A provides an 8-digit (9 with
Option 030) LED display, display storage, and leading
zero blanking. Decimal point and unit readouts are
displayed automatically. Two independent selectable
input channels are provided for time interval
measurements. Each input channel has an attenuator,
trigger slope selector, level control, ac-dc coupling,
and an oscilloscope marker output. Rear panel connectors
provide a gate output, a time base output and an input
for an external frequency standard. An ARM switch
on the rear panel allows arming by the signal being
measured (switch OFF) or by another input signal
(switch ON).