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This manual describes the capabiIi11 es, functions and
operation of the K105-D Logic Analyzer. Procedures are
provided for a user to record and examine both address and
data of 8-bit and multiplexed 16-bit microprocessors.
A Glossary of Terms is included in Appendix A of this
manual. The Glossary describes unique hardware and software
terms associated with operation of the K105-D.

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Equipment information

Gould K105-D Logic Analyzer
Model: K105-D
Date: 1984
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Logic Analyzer
                                    The Gould Model K105-D Logic Analyzer (Figure 1-1) is a
precision, high- performance test and development instrument
that monitors input logic signals generated by the user’s
external microprocessor-based equipment· The K105-D accepts
data inputs from 32 (or optional 64) Main Input channels and
8 (or optional 16) High-Speed Input channels. The Main data
inputs are driven by 8 externa! clocks; High-Speed data
inputs are driven by 2 externa! clocks.
All inputs are applied via pod/probe circuits that interface
to the user’s equ i pment.
A versatile clock scheme and a variety of data input options
allow the user to easily and rapidly examine and record both
addresses and data of very fast,
8-bit and 16-bit microprocessors.