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Windows System Requirements
How To Use Your Manuals
Warnings, Cautions, Notes, and Tips
ENERGY STAR Compliance
Year 2000 Ready
Important Safety Instructions
Identifying Printer Parts
Basic Printing
Printing from Windows Applications
Setting Printer Options from Windows Applications
Setting Default Printer Options
Checking Printer Status
Advanced Printing
Using Predefined Advanced Settings
Customizing Print Quality and Special Effects
Adjusting Color Settings
Adjusting Colors in Photos and Scanned Images
(Windows 95, 98, and NT only)
Making Custom Color Corrections
Selecting Paper Size and Orientation
Selecting Print Layout Options
Reducing and Enlarging Your Document Size
Using Multiple Print Layouts and Page Frames
Adding a Watermark
Saving Custom Settings
Redefining Custom Settings
Deleting Custom Settings
Printing on Special Media
Selecting Special Media
Media Loading and Handling Guidelines
Letterhead, Preprinted Forms, and Legal-size Paper
EPSON Photo Quality Ink Jet and Note Cards
EPSON Ink Jet Paper
EPSON Photo Quality Glossy Paper, Film,
and Transparencies
EPSON Ink Jet Transparencies
EPSON Photo Quality Self Adhesive Sheets
EPSON Photo Stickers
EPSON Iron-On Cool-Peel Transfer Paper
Managing Print Jobs
Managing Print Jobs in Windows 95, Windows 98,
and Windows NT 4.0
Selecting the Speed & Progress Options
Using the Spool Manager
Using Status Monitor 2
Managing Print Jobs in Windows 3.1x
Using the Spool Manager
Network Printing in Windows 95 and Windows 98
Setting Up Your Printer as a Shared Printer
Maintenance and Transportation
Cleaning the Print Head
Using the Head Cleaning Utility
Using the Control Panel
Examining the Nozzle Check Pattern
Replacing an Ink Cartridge
Removing an Empty Ink Cartridge
Installing the New Cartridge
Replacing an Outdated Ink Cartridge
Aligning the Print Head
Cleaning the Printer
Transporting the Printer
Diagnosing Problems
Checking the Control Panel Lights
Running a Printer Check
Improving Print Quality
Solving Printing Problems
Solving Printer Software Problems
Fixing Paper Problems
Solving Miscellaneous Printout Problems
Uninstalling Printer Software
Where To Get Help
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Equipment information

Epson Stylus Color 440 Printer
Model: Stylus Color 440
Date: 1996
Category: Computer equipment
Group: Printer
Description: Color ink Jet Printer
                                    The EPSON Stylus COLOR 440/640/740 printers are highperformance,
low-cost printers designed for the small office/home office
(SOHO) market. The Stylus COLOR 440 has the same print quality
(720 ´ 720 dpi) as the Stylus ProXL; the Stylus COLOR 640 and Stylus
COLOR 740 have the same print quality (1440 ´ 720) as the Stylus
COLOR 600 and Stylus COLOR 800.
The main features of these printers are:
 High-quality color printing
 High resolution:
Stylus COLOR 440—720 (H) x 720 (V) dpi
Stylus COLOR 640—1440 (H) X 720 (V) dpi
Stylus COLOR 740—1440 (H) X 720 (V) dpi
 Standard four-color printing (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black)
Stylus COLOR 440—Black: 64 nozzles; CMY: 21 nozzles
Stylus COLOR 640: Black: 64 nozzles; CMY: 32 nozzles
Stylus COLOR 740: Black: 144 nozzles; CMY: 48 nozzles
 Traditional printing and new Microweave printing that eliminates
 Built-in auto sheet feeder
 Holds 100 cut-sheets (55 g/m2)
 Holds 10 envelopes
 Holds 10 transparencies
 Holds 65 sheets of special paper
 High-speed printing
 Stylus COLOR 440: 200 cps at 10 cpi
 Stylus COLOR 640: 200 cps in Normal mode, 400 cps in Draft
 Stylus COLOR 740: 200 cps
 The printer’s head drive frequency, 14.4 KHz, allows printing
that is twice as fast as that of the Stylus COLOR (true of all three
 Compact size
 Stylus COLOR 440: 16.9” (429 mm) W x 9” (231 mm) D x 6.1”
(155 mm) H
 Stylus COLOR 640: 16.9” (429 mm) W x 9: (231 mm) D x 6.2”
(157 mm) H
 Stylus COLOR 740: 16.9” (429 mm) W x 10.3” (261 mm) D) x
6.2” (157 mm) H
 Weight: 11.5 lbs. (5.2 Kg)
 Acoustic noise
 Stylus COLOR 440: Approximately 45 dB
 Stylus COLOR 640: Approximately 47 dB
 Stylus COLOR 740: Approximately 47 dB
 One combined printhead for black and color
 Bidirectional parallel interface (IEEE-1284 level 1 device) for all
three models
 Additional interfaces:
 Stylus COLOR 740: USB
 Operating environments:
 Stylus COLOR 440 and 640: Windows only
 Stylus COLOR 740: Windows and Macintosh