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Date: August 1998
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This manual is divided into four sections, and contains information required for
servicing the unit.
Part 1: Safety and Precautions
This section tells you how to service the unit safely. It is very important, so please
read it.
Part 2: Product Specifications
This section outlines and specification.
Part 3: Operating Instructions
This section explains how to operate the unit properly. Information required about
installation and service made.
Part 4: Technical Reference
This section outlines the way the unit operates so you can understand it technically.
Part 5: Maintenance
This section explains how to maintain the unit. Descriptions of assembly/disassembly,
adjustment for assembly, troubleshooting procedures, and wiring/circuit diagrams
are given.

Equipment information

Canon BJC-5000 Printer
Model: BJC-5000
Date: 1998
Category: Computer equipment
Group: Printer
Description: Color ink Jet Printer
                                    This desktop color printer achieves a maximum of 1440 x 720 dpi.