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Equipment information

Canon BJC-3000 Printer
Model: BJC-3000
Date: 1999
Category: Computer equipment
Group: Printer
Description: InkJet Printer
                                    1) Three types of BJ cartridges are available.
· Pigment ink is adopted for the black cartridge and color cartridge, realizing
modulated, high-density text printing.
· High-quality printing, up to 1440 ´ 720 dpi, is achieved by drop modulation
technology adopted for the Black, Color, and Photo BJ cartridges.
· Separate BJ cartridges and ink tanks for all colors makes lower running costs
Black BJ Cartridge (optional): 160 nozzles
Separate ink tank (Pigment Black)
Color BJ Cartridge: 192 nozzles, Bk, C, M, Y (48 nozzles´4) in a vertical
Separate ink tanks for all colors (Pigment Black,
Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow)
Photo-Color BJ Cartridge: 192 nozzles, PBk, PC, PM, Y (48 nozzles´4) in a
(optional) vertical line
Separate ink tanks for all colors (Dye Photo-Black,
Photo-Cyan, Photo-Magenta, and Yellow)
2) Ink-out detection function with both optical and dot-count methods; transparent ink
tanks enable visible confirmation.
3) USB and IEEE 1284 compatible 8-bit parallel interfaces.
4) Two buttons (POWER, RESUME), cover sensor, two-color LEDs (green/orange), with
no beeper.
5) Optional scanner cartridge with maximum readout resolution of 720´720 dpi also