Agilent -- 54621A -- User Manual
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This manual will guide you in using the oscilloscopes. This manual is organized
in the following chapters:
Chapter 1 Getting Started—inspecting, cleaning, and setting up your
oscilloscope, using Quick Help.
Chapter 2 Front-panel Overview—A quick start guide to get you familiarize
you with the front-panel operation.
Chapter 3 Triggering the Oscilloscope—how to trigger the oscilloscope using
all the various modes.
Chapter 4 MegaZoom Concepts and Oscilloscope Operation—acquiring
waveforms, horizontal and vertical operation, using digital channels.
Chapter 5 Making Measurements—capturing data, using math function,
making measurement with cursors and automatic measurements.
Chapter 6 Utilities—configuring the I/O, print settings, Quick Help, floppy
disk operations, user cal and self cal, setting the clock and screen saver.
Chapter 7 Performance Characteristics
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Equipment information

Agilent 54621A Oscilloscope
Model: 54621A
Date: 2000
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Oscilloscope
                                    2-channel, 60-MHz bandwidth