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LeCroy 9320 Oszilloskop
Modell: 9320
Datum: 1993
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Oszilloskop
Beschreibung: Portable Digital Oscilloscope
                                    The 9320/24 is a general purpose instrument extending
the power of digital oscilloscopes up to 1 GHz bandwidth.
The oscilloscope is primarily intended for repetitive
waveforms, which are sampled with an equivalent sampling
rate of up to 20 GS/s. Single shot events up to a few
MHz may also be acquired, with a single shot sampling
rate of up to 20 MS/s.

The digital technology used provides standard DSO
features like pre-trigger view, hardcopy, full
 programmability, etc. The proven user interface of
the 9300 oscilloscope family ensures ease of use and
user efficiency.
For LeCroy's active FET probes it also provides variable
offset at the probe tip; offset and coupling are controlled
from the scope front panel.

Up to two delayed timebases can be positioned on the
main trace and displayed giving unrivaled resolution
and precision and very low jitter in time measurements.
Advanced triggering capabilities, which include glitch,
pattern and state/edge qualified triggers, drastically
simplify the testing and debugging of electronics
DOS compatible floppy disk and memory card options
store waveforms and test setups, and make transferring
data to a PC easier than ever before. Hardcopies may be
made on GPIB, RS 232 or Centronics printers or plotters.
An optional built-in printer is also available.

Additional firmware packages extend the oscilloscope's
processing capabilities in both time and frequency

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