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Keithley 614 Digital Multimeter
Modell: 614
Datum: 1981
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Digital Multimeter
Beschreibung: Micrometer
                                    The Model 614 is an electrometer with 10⁻¹⁴ A sensitivity,
and an input current less than 60fA at 23°C. Voltage
sensitivity is 10µV to 20V with an input impedance of
greater than 50TΩ (5x10¹³Ω). Resistance sensitivity
of the Model 614 is from 1Ω to 2x10¹¹Ω using the
constant current technique. Charge sensitivity (nC)
is from 10fC (10⁻¹⁴ Coulombs) to 20nC (2x10⁻⁸ Coulombs).

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