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Keithley 148 Analog Multimeter
Modell: 148
Datum: 1975
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Analog Multimeter
Beschreibung: Nanovoltmeter
                                    The Keithley Model 148 Nanovoltmeter conveniently measures dc potentials
from 10 nanovolts (10 x 10-g volts) to 100 millivolts full scale. It makes
accurate and sensitive measurements without painstaking methods often previously
required. Meter accuracy is 2% of full scale on all ranges. Noise is less
than 1 nanovolt peak-to-peak on the lo-nanovolt range. Zero drift is less
than 10 nanovolts per 24 hours after warm-up. On the three most sensitive
ranges, line-frequency rejection is greater than 1OOO:1.

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