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Philips Medical Systems SureSigns VS1 863061 Überwachungssystem
Philips Medical Systems
Modell: SureSigns VS1 863061
Datum: 2004
Kategorie: Medizinische und biomedizinische Geräte
Gruppe: Überwachungssystem
Beschreibung: Vital Signs Monitor
                                    The VS1 monitor is a portable vital signs monitor. It can be
used to non-invasively and automatically measure systolic,
mean and diastolic blood pressures, pulse rate, oxygen
saturation (SpO2), and temperature. You can measure all of
these vital signs if you purchased a fully configured model;
other models contain a subset of these features.
The VS1 monitor is intended to monitor a single patient’s
vital signs in a hospital, outpatient surgery, practitioner
facilities, or in an environment where patient care is
provided by qualified healthcare personnel who will
determine when use of the device is indicated, based
upon their professional assessment of the patient’s medical
condition. The patient populations are adult, pediatric, and
neonatal. The device is intended for use by qualified
healthcare personnel trained in its use.

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This manual contains information on servicing the VS1 vital
signs monitor. Only qualified service personnel should
repair and maintain this product. Before servicing the monitor,
carefully read the VS1 Instructions for Use for a thorough
understanding of operation.

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