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Marconi TF 1066B/6 Generator
Modell: TF 1066B/6
Datum: 1963
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Generator
Beschreibung: FM Signal Generator
                                    The TF 1066b/6 and TF 1066B/6R Signal Generators give s.w.,
f.m. and a.m. outputs and are intended for making standard
measurements and
tests on apparatus operating in the v.h.f. and u.h.f. bands.
from the normal applications for f.m. receivers, they are
suitable for testing multi-channel telemetry equipment
requiring a
signal source which provides high modulating frequencies and
deviations with low distortion.
A frequency coverage of 10 Mc/s to 470 Mc/s is provided in five
ranges. The clear hand-calibrated tuning scale permits precise
frequency setting but, for greater accuracy, a crystal
calibrator is
incorporated with marker pips available at 1 Mc/s intervals.
Calibrated incremental frequency shifts may be made; either in
preset steps or by using the continuously variable control.
In each
case the amount of shift is indicated by a meter.
F.M. deviations up to 400 kc/s (depending on the carrier range)
can be obtained. Two internal modulation frequencies may be
and the wide frequency response of the modulator permits the
use of
high frequency external modulating sources. Either internal
or external
amplitude modulation can be produced to a depth of at least 40%.
Accurate monitoring facilities are provided for each type of
The r.f. output level of the Signal Generator is controlled by a
constant impedance piston-attenuator. The attenuator dial is
reading in terms of source e.m.f. or voltage developed
across a 50 Ω load.
There are two versions of this Signal Generator; TF 10ббB/б,
intended for bench mounting and TF 1066B/6R, suitable for
mounting in a 19 inch rack.

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