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Solar Manufacturing Corporation CE Level Meter
Solar Manufacturing Corporation
Modell: CE
Datum: 1941
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Level Meter
Beschreibung: Capacitor Exameter

The Solar Capacitor Exameter provides service men and
laboratories with an analyzer that combines in one
instrument a convenient and simple method of making a
complete analysis of condensers under either static or
dynamic conditions of operation.

The performance characteristics of radio and video receivers
have imposed requirements which can be maintained only by
the use of high quality component parts. These parts,
especially condensers and resistors, must have the proper
electrical characteristics to perform their designated
functions properly, if satisfactory results are to be
obtained from receivers.

Condensers have a detrimental effect on reception long
before they become entirely defective. The problem of
determining the quality or operating efficiency of a
condenser requires a complete analysis of its constants.

In this instrument condensers may be tested for capacity,
leakage, insulation resistance, power factor, opens, shorts,
intermittents, and R.F. impedance. Also with the full
development of the quick-check features plus the
bridge-meter, we find it possible to present an instrument
which will give every qualitative and quantitative
measurement of capacitors necessary in modern servicing by
means of a simple meter reading. It tells the complete
performance story of all types of paper, mica, electrolytic,
trimmer and air condensers. Checking for quality is done
under conditions of either static or dynamic performance;
the condenser under test may be operating in a circuit, or
it may be disconnected.

In addition a vacuum tube voltmeter is provided for
measurements of circuit voltage to determine the required
voltage rating of the condenser under test.

The V.T. voltmeter can be used for aligning R.F. circuits,
checking A.V.C. voltages, and checking output levels and
signal voltages at various points throughout the receiver.

Accurately calibrated markings on the panel are provided for
convenient measurements of capacity and resistance. These
tests are made on a Wien Bridge with six direct reading
ranges, by multiplying the scale reading by the bridge
constant. The power factor of electrolytic condensers
including A.C. or motor starting types can be read directly
from a scale which is calibrated zero to 50% power factor.
The capacity range of the instrument is from .00001 mfd. to
2000 mfd., the resistance range from 50 ohms to 10,000
megohms. A meter is used as a null indicator. This change
from our previous null indicator for which an electric eye
was employed, has been made to provide greater sensitivity
and an easier and more positive balance.

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