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Takeda Riken TR5822 Zähler
Takeda Riken
Model: TR5822
Date: 1981
Category: Messgeräte
Group: Zähler
Description: Universal Counter
                                    The TR5821/5822/5823 are compact, inexpensive universal
counters with the capabilities comparable to medium-scale
counters. These are the first counters in this class to
incorporate a microprocessor, enabling self-diagnostics and
data manipulation (by the TR1644) by various arithmetic
operations. The TR5822 (standard) and TR5823 (optional)
incorporate a GPIB interface, enabling low-cost system
configurations. BCD (TTL) output and analog output (D/A
converter) interfaces are also available to make this system
compatible with other systems. Configured around a
microprocessor and two custom LSIs, this latest state of the
art enables the realization of highly reliable low-cost
universal counters.

The TR5821, the basic and least expensive universal counter
in this series, can measure frequencies of up to 120 MHz.
Measurement results can be displayed in any form by using
the TR1644 Calculation Unit (to be purchased separately) in

The TR5822 has the same functions as the TR5821 plus a
built-in GPIB interface, and the functions of the TR5823
include an ultrahigh-frequency measurement (1.3 GHz) and a
burst signal measurement in addition to the functions of the

these manuals are available for the above equipment:

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